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          Microsoft Office Word - Level 1, 2 and 3
          Software Version Microsoft Office Word 2003 and 2007
          Course Duration 1 Day for each level and 2 Days for the complete course
          Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
          Course Overview Word processing is the use of computers to create, revise, and save documents for printing and future retrieval. This course is the first in a series of three Microsoft® Office Word 2007 courses. It will provide you with the basic concepts required to produce basic business documents.
          Intended Audience for this course This course is intended for individuals who want to gain basic knowledge of working on Word. Individuals who want to pursue Microsoft Certified Application Specialist certification in Microsoft Office Word can also take this course. This course is also designed for Office Staff, End Users, Office Secretaries, Analysts, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Functional Implementers, Project Managers and also those who want to use for managing and organizing their day to day business.
          Course Topics
          Level 1
          Lesson 1: Creating a Basic Document

            Topic 1A: The Word Environment
            Topic 1B: Get Help Using Word
            Topic 1C: Enter Text
            Topic 1D: Save a New Document
            Topic 1E: Preview a Document
            Topic 1F: Print a Document

          Lesson 2: Editing a Document

            Topic 2A: Navigate in a Document
            Topic 2B: Insert Text
            Topic 2C: Select Text
            Topic 2D: Create an AutoText Entry
            Topic 2E: Move and Copy Text
            Topic 2F: Delete Blocks of Text
            Topic 2G: Undo Changes
            Topic 2H: Find and Replace Text

          Lesson 3: Formatting Text

            Topic 3A: Change Font and Size
            Topic 3B: Apply Font Styles and Effects
            Topic 3C: Change Text Color
            Topic 3D: Highlight Text
            Topic 3E: Copy Formats
            Topic 3F: Clear Formatting
            Topic 3G: Find and Replace Text Formatting

          Lesson 4: Formatting Paragraphs

            Topic 4A: Set Tabs
            Topic 4B: Change Paragraph Alignment
            Topic 4C: Indent Paragraphs
            Topic 4D: Add Borders and Shading
            Topic 4E: Apply Styles
            Topic 4F: Create Lists
            Topic 4G: Change Spacing Between Paragraphs and Lines

          Lesson 5: Proofing a Document

            Topic 5A: Use the Thesaurus
            Topic 5B: Check Spelling and Grammar
            Topic 5C: Create a New Default Dictionary
            Topic 5D: Check Word Count
            Topic 5E: Modify a Document in Print Preview

          Lesson 6: Adding Tables

            Topic 6A: Create a Table
            Topic 6B: Enter Data in a Table
            Topic 6C: AutoFormat a Table
            Topic 6D: Convert Text into a Table

          Lesson 7: Inserting Graphic Elements

            Topic 7A: Insert Symbols and Special Characters
            Topic 7B: Insert a Clip Art Picture
            Topic 7C: Add a Watermark

          Lesson 8: Controlling Page Appearance

            Topic 8A: Set Page Orientation
            Topic 8B: Change Page Margins
            Topic 8C: Apply a Page Border
            Topic 8D: Add Headers and Footers
            Topic 8E: Insert a Page Break

          Level 2
          Lesson 1: Managing Lists

            Topic 1A: Sort a List
            Topic 1B: Restart a List
            Topic 1C: Create an Outline Numbered List
            Topic 1D: Customize List Appearance

          Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts

            Topic 2A: Sort a Table
            Topic 2B: Modify Table Structure
            Topic 2C: Merge or Split Cells
            Topic 2D: Position Text in a Table Cell
            Topic 2E: Apply Borders and Shading
            Topic 2F: Perform Calculations in a Table
            Topic 2G: Create a Chart from a Word Table
            Topic 2H: Modify a Chart

          Lesson 3: Customizing Formatting

            Topic 3A: Modify Character Spacing
            Topic 3B: Add Text Effects
            Topic 3C: Control Paragraph Flow

          Lesson 4: Working with Custom Styles

            Topic 4A: Create a Character or Paragraph Style
            Topic 4B: Modify an Existing Style
            Topic 4C: Create a List Style
            Topic 4D: Create a Table Style

          Lesson 5: Modifying Pictures

            Topic 5A: Set Picture Contrast or Brightness
            Topic 5B: Crop a Picture
            Topic 5C: Wrap Text Around a Picture

          Lesson 6: Creating Customized Graphic Elements

            Topic 6A: Draw Shapes and Lines
            Topic 6B: Insert WordArt
            Topic 6C: Insert Text Boxes
            Topic 6D: Create Diagrams

          Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow

            Topic 7A: Insert Section Breaks
            Topic 7B: Insert Columns
            Topic 7C: Link Text Boxes

          Lesson 8: Automating Common Tasks

            Topic 8A: Run a Macro
            Topic 8B: Create a Macro
            Topic 8C: Modify a Macro
            Topic 8D: Customize Toolbars and Buttons
            Topic 8E: Add Menu Items

          Lesson 9: Automating Document Creation

            Topic 9A: Create a Document Based on a Template
            Topic 9B: Create a Document by Using a Wizard
            Topic 9C: Create or Modify a Template
            Topic 9D: Change the Default Template Location
            Topic 9E: Insert a MacroButton Field in a Template

          Lesson 10: Performing Mail Merges

            Topic 10A: The Mail Merge Process
            Topic 10B: Perform a Merge on Existing Documents
            Topic 10C: Merge Envelopes and Labels
            Topic 10D: Use Word to Create a Data Source

          Level 3
          Lesson 1: Using Microsoft Office Word 2003 with Other Programs

            Topic 1A: Link to a Microsoft® Office Excel 2003 Worksheet
            Topic 1B: Link a Chart to Excel Data
            Topic 1C: Send a Document Outline to PowerPoint
            Topic 1D: Extract Text from a Fax
            Topic 1E: Save a Document as a Different File Format
            Topic 1F: Look Up Information Using Research Sites
            Topic 1G: Send a Document as an Email Attachment

          Lesson 2: Collaborating on Documents

            Topic 2A: Modify User Information
            Topic 2B: Create a New Version of a Document
            Topic 2C: Delete Old Versions
            Topic 2D: Send a Document for Review
            Topic 2E: Use Comments
            Topic 2F: Compare Document Changes
            Topic 2G: Merge Document Changes
            Topic 2H: Review a Document

          Lesson 3: Adding Reference Marks and Notes

            Topic 3A: Insert Bookmarks
            Topic 3B: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
            Topic 3C: Add Captions
            Topic 3D: Insert Cross-references

          Lesson 4: Making Long Documents Easier to Use

            Topic 4A: Mark Text for Indexing
            Topic 4B: Insert an Index
            Topic 4C: Insert a Table of Figures
            Topic 4D: Mark Text for a Table of Authorities
            Topic 4E: Insert a Table of Authorities
            Topic 4F: Insert a Table of Contents
            Topic 4G: Create a Master Document
            Topic 4H: Automatically Summarize a Document

          Lesson 5: Securing a Document

            Topic 5A: Update a Document's Properties
            Topic 5B: Save a Document without Personal Information
            Topic 5C: Hide Text
            Topic 5D: Limit Formatting Choices in a Document
            Topic 5E: Select Regions of a Document that Can Be Modified
            Topic 5F: Add a Digital Signature to a Document
            Topic 5G: Require a Password to Open a Document

          Lesson 6: Creating Web Pages

            Topic 6A: Create a Web Page
            Topic 6B: Insert Hyperlinks
            Topic 6C: Insert a Movie Clip into a Web Page
            Topic 6D: Apply a Theme to a Web Page
            Topic 6E: Create a Framed Web Page
            Topic 6F: Save a Web Page to a Web Server

          Lesson 7: Creating Forms

            Topic 7A: Add Form Fields to a Document
            Topic 7B: Protect a Form
            Topic 7C: Save Form Data as Plain Text
            Topic 7D: Automate a Form

          Lesson 8: Using XML in Word

            Topic 8A: Tag an Existing Document
            Topic 8B: Save a Document as XML
            Topic 8C: Transform an XML Document

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