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          RKG Logo training-ITBiz
          RKG Logo
          幸运彩票手机版官网 Courses Fees Schedule REGISTER NOW Corporate Training Locations
          Microsoft Office Tools
          Adobe Acrobat Courses
          SharePoint Training
          Microsoft Dynamics
          Social Media Courses
          Project Management
          Application Devp Tools
          Oracle Developer Tools
          Data Warehouse & BI
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          Corporate Training On-Site
          .NET Advanced
          NET Advanced
          Microsoft .NET Advanced
          Software Version Microsoft .NET 2.0
          Course Duration 3 Days
          Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
          Course Overview This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to program Microsoft .NET Framework applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development system.
          Intended Audience for this course The audience for this course consists of full-time application developers who have professional experience with Visual Studio 2005 and either Microsoft Visual Basic development system or Microsoft Visual C# development tool. This course is also designed for those who have some experience in Java, C##, or any programming knowledge or any technical personnel, DBAs, Network administrators, programmers, undergraduate and graduate students, IT staff and managers and for those who want to become .NET Technical Consultants.
          Course Topics
          Introducing .NET 3.0/3.5
          • Exploring .NET 3.0/3.5 architecture
          • LINQ
          • WPF
          • WCF
          • WF
          • ASP.NET AJAX
          • Silverlight
          Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
          • Developing LINQ queries
          • Investigating LINQ syntax
          • Inferring data types at design time
          Object Relational Mapping with LINQ to SQL
          • Querying a database
          • Returning LINQ Entities
          • Controlling how data is loaded with lambda expressions
          • Promoting entity changes to databases via the DataContext
          • Adding stored procedures to the DataContext
          Manipulating data with LINQ to Objects
          • Sorting and filtering objects
          • Aggregating object data
          • Working with anonymous types
          Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
          • Building a XAML presentation layer
          • Designing a UI with XAML
          • Utilizing common XAML controls and properties
          • ComboBox
          • Label
          • TextBox
          Generating sophisticated layouts
          • Positioning controls using Canvas and Grid
          • Organizing controls with StackPanel and DockPanel
          • Enhancing control appearance with color and opacity
          • Applying gradient brushes with style setters
          • Binding controls to styles
          Activating WPF applications
          • Handling events
          • Showing windows and dialogs
          • Streamlining the UI with Model-View-ViewModel
          • Binding controls to ObservableCollection
          • Deploying with ClickOnce
          Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
          • Programming distributed applications with WCF
          • Defining and implementing WCF interfaces
          • Configuring binary and HTTP channels
          • Serializing business entities for WCF
          • Controlling WCF behaviors
          • Consuming WCF services
          • Setting a service reference
          • Configuring WCF clients
          • Building WPF Clients
          • Managing transport and message security
          Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
          • Modeling business processes with WF
          • Composing sequential workflow with the visual designer
          • Adding and implementing Activities
          • Hosting the workflow runtime
          • Applying logic to a workflow
          • Directing program flow with IfElse and While
          • Setting declarative and code conditions
          • Representing long-running business processes
          • Designing state machine workflows
          • Employing the State, EventDriven and SetState activities
          • Persisting workflow with SQL Server
          • Integrating WF and WCF
          • Leveraging System.Workflow幸运彩票手机版官网
          • Passing data to the workflow with the ReceiveActivity
          Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX
          • Creating cross-platform Silverlight UIs
          • Working with the UserControl object
          • Converting XAML from WPF to Silverlight
          • Accessing the QueryString
          • Invoking JavaScript from Silverlight
          • Enriching the UI with XAML animations
          • Combining Silverlight with WCF
          • Making asynchronous calls to WCF
          • Wrapping a workflow service
          • Enhancing the UI with ASP.NET AJAX
          • Comparing AJAX with Silverlight
          • Calling WCF from ASP.NET AJAX

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