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          RKG Logo training-ITBiz
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          幸运彩票手机版官网 Courses Fees Schedule REGISTER NOW Corporate Training Locations
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          Microsoft Office Excel - Level 1, 2 and 3
          Software Version Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and 2007
          Course Duration 1 Day for Level 1;                2 Days for Level 2 and 3;                3 Days for all levels;
          Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
          Course Overview This course is designed to explain all the features of Microsoft Excel and how to effectively use these features for day to day business operations. After completing this course, you will be able to use the advanced features available with this software which can improve your business operations. You will be able to learn using graphics, customizing layouts, calculating with advanced formulas, using excel with the web and other advanced features.
          Intended Audience for this course This course is designed for a person with no prior knowledge of how to use Microsoft Excel or someone familiar with the software who wants to learn new features and functionality. This course is also designed for Office Staff, End Users, Office Secretaries, Analysts, IT management and Staff, Business Analysts, Functional Implementers, Project Managers, Students and also those who want to use this Software for managing and organizing their day to day business.
          Course Topics
          Level 1 - 1 Day
          Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel

            Topic 1A: An Overview of Excel
            Topic 1B: Navigate in Excel
            Topic 1C: Select Data
            Topic 1D: Enter Data
            Topic 1E: Save a Workbook
            Topic 1F: Obtain Help

          Lesson 2: Modifying a Worksheet

            Topic 2A: Move and Copy Data Between Cells
            Topic 2B: Fill Cells with Series of Data
            Topic 2C: Edit Cell Data
            Topic 2D: Insert and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows
            Topic 2E: Find, Replace, and Go To Cell Data
            Topic 2F: Spell Check a Worksheet

          Lesson 3: Performing Calculations

            Topic 3A: Create Basic Formulas
            Topic 3B: Calculate with Functions
            Topic 3C: Copy Formulas and Functions
            Topic 3D: Create an Absolute Reference

          Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet

            Topic 4A: Change Font Size and Type
            Topic 4B: Add Borders and Color to Cells
            Topic 4C: Change Column Width and Row Height
            Topic 4D: Merge Cells
            Topic 4E: Apply Number Formats
            Topic 4F: Create a Custom Number Format
            Topic 4G: Align Cell Contents
            Topic 4H: Find and Replace Formats
            Topic 4I: Apply an AutoFormat
            Topic 4J: Apply Styles

          Lesson 5: Developing a Workbook

            Topic 5A: Format Worksheet Tabs
            Topic 5B: Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook
            Topic 5C: Insert and Delete Worksheets
            Topic 5D: Copy and Paste Worksheets
            Topic 5E: Copy a Workbook

          Lesson 6: Printing Workbook Contents

            Topic 6A: Set a Print Title
            Topic 6B: Create a Header and a Footer
            Topic 6C: Set Page Margins
            Topic 6D: Change Page Orientation
            Topic 6E: Insert and Remove Page Breaks
            Topic 6F: Print a Range

          Lesson 7: Customizing Layout

            Topic 7A: Split a Worksheet
            Topic 7B: Arrange Worksheets
            Topic 7C: Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns
            Topic 7D: Hide and Unhide Worksheets

          Level 2 - 2 Days
          Lesson 1: Creating and Applying Templates

            Topic 1A: Create a Workbook from a Template
            Topic 1B: Create a Custom Template
            Topic 1C: Working with Comments
            Topic 1D: Create a Hyperlink
            Topic 1E: Use Web-based Research Tools

          Lesson 2: Creating and Modifying Charts

            Topic 2A: Create a Chart
            Topic 2B: Format Chart Items
            Topic 2C: Change the Chart Type
            Topic 2D: Create a Diagram

          Lesson 3: Working with Graphic Objects

            Topic 3A: Insert Graphics
            Topic 3B: Create AutoShapes
            Topic 3C: Format Graphic Objects
            Topic 3D: Change the Order of Graphic Objects
            Topic 3E: Group Graphic Objects
            Topic 3F: Move, Copy, and Resize Graphic Objects

          Lesson 4: Calculating with Advanced Formulas

            Topic 4A: Create and Apply a Name for a Range of Cells
            Topic 4B: Calculate Across Worksheets
            Topic 4C: Calculate with Date and Time Functions
            Topic 4D: Calculate with Financial Functions
            Topic 4E: Calculate with Statistical Functions
            Topic 4F: Calculate with Lookup and Reference Functions
            Topic 4G: Calculate with Logical Functions

          Lesson 5: Sorting and Filtering Data

            Topic 5A: Sort Data Lists
            Topic 5B: Filter Data Lists
            Topic 5C: Create and Apply Advanced Filters
            Topic 5D: Calculate with Database Functions
            Topic 5E: Add Subtotals to a Worksheet

          Lesson 6: Using Excel with the Web

            Topic 6A: Export Excel Data
            Topic 6B: Publish a Worksheet to the Web
            Topic 6C: Import Data from the Web
            Topic 6D: Create a Web Query

          Level 3 - 2 Days
          Lesson 1: Streamlining Workflow

            Topic 1A: Create a Macro
            Topic 1B: Edit a Macro
            Topic 1C: Customize Access to Excel Commands
            Topic 1D: Apply Conditional Formatting
            Topic 1E: Add Data Validation Criteria
            Topic 1F: Update a Workbook's Properties
            Topic 1G: Modify Excel's Default Settings

          Lesson 2: Collaborating with Others

            Topic 2A: Protect Files
            Topic 2B: Share a Workbook
            Topic 2C: Set Revision Tracking
            Topic 2D: Review Tracked Revisions
            Topic 2E: Merge Workbooks
            Topic 2F: Adjust Macro Settings
            Topic 2G: Administer Digital Signatures

          Lesson 3: Auditing Worksheets

            Topic 3A: Trace Cell Precedents
            Topic 3B: Trace Cell Dependents
            Topic 3C: Locate Errors in Formulas
            Topic 3D: Locate Invalid Data and Formulas
            Topic 3E: Watch and Evaluate Formulas
            Topic 3F: Group and Outline Data

          Lesson 4: Analyzing Data

            Topic 4A: Create a Trendline
            Topic 4B: Create Scenarios
            Topic 4C: Perform What-If Analysis
            Topic 4D: Develop a PivotTable© Report
            Topic 4E: Develop a PivotChart© Report
            Topic 4F: Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak

          Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Workbooks

            Topic 5A: Create a Workspace
            Topic 5B: Consolidate Data
            Topic 5C: Link Cells in Different Workbooks
            Topic 5D: Edit Links

          Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting Data

            Topic 6A: Export to Microsoft Word
            Topic 6B: Import a Word Table
            Topic 6C: Import Text Files

          Lesson 7: Structuring XML Workbooks

            Topic 7A: Develop XML Maps
            Topic 7B: Import, Add, and Export XML Data
            Topic 7C: Manage XML Workbooks
            Topic 7D: Apply XML View Options

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