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          RKG Logo training-ITBiz
          RKG Logo
          幸运彩票手机版官网 Courses Fees Schedule REGISTER NOW Corporate Training Locations
          Microsoft Office Tools
          Adobe Acrobat Courses
          SharePoint Training
          Microsoft Dynamics
          Social Media Courses
          Project Management
          Application Devp Tools
          Oracle Developer Tools
          Data Warehouse & BI
          Data Base & System Admin
          Programming Languages
          Reporting Tools
          Networking & Security
          Web Technologies
          Medical Records
          Business Skills
          ERP Training
          Corporate Training On-Site
          IT Leadership Skills
          IT Leadership Skills
          Software Version Information Technology Leadership Skills
          Course Type Class Room and Instructor-Led On-Line (E-Learning) Hands-On Training
          Course Topics

          1. Forming

          • Unique characteristics of technical professionals
          • How technical professionals are like most other professionals
          • Use your understanding of technical professionals to lead teams
          • Differentiate among doing, managing, and leading
          • Plan your time appropriately
          • Rise to some of the challenges of the new team leader
          • Deploy the appropriate type of team for each specific situation that warrants a team
          • Assign teams appropriate activities
          • Use the team meeting success tool to improve team performance
          • Execute the role of team leader and train team members
          • Establish the basic necessities of team building
          • Use your leadership style effectively
          • Analyze changes in team dynamics
          • Take effective action with changing team dynamics

          2. Storming

          • Use conflict constructively
          • Prevent or minimize destructive conflict


          3. Norming

          • Manage the team day-to-day applying planning, discipline, problem solving, and delegating responsibility
          • Coach and provide feedback to individuals and the team
          • Lead the team using motivation, communication, and leadership without authority
          • Evaluate individual performance looking forward, not backward
          • Evaluate team performance looking forward, not backward
          • Plan for success strategically and tactically
          • Monitor and measure performance
          • Take responsibility and improve performance
          • Plan and improve your individual leadership skills

          4. Performing

          • Move a team toward high performance
          • Articulate what you have learned
          Decide whether your concerns have been addressed

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